Biltong Chilli Bites

Barefoot Biltong

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Beef Biltong chilli bites are without doubt the best Biltong chilli bites you will ever try! Hand-cut and delicious, made with the same meat we use for our tasty biltong chilli sticks and with the same great flavour, but very thicker. The pieces are left to marinade in order to absorb all the spices and then the meat strips are slowly air-dried. Always a big seller come the weekend with just the perfect amount of "Chisa" (Heat)


Chilli Biltong Bites are quite a tough chew.  Just the way it’s supposed to be!

Ready-to-eat delicious beef snack

Available in 50g to 250g packs

Carefully selected joints of Sliver Side & topside beef of the highest quality

Marinated using spices imported from Directly from South Africa

Huge 260g of freshly marinated beef to make just 100g of our biltong

60g protein per 100g portion

BBQ, and Chilli variants

UK sourced beef directly from the Farmers

Grass fed cows Yellow fat (cattle that or fed on grass and finished on grass not finished on grain)

Fully traceable meat

Slowly air dried to perfection

Our Biltong Chilli Bites are available in two flavours BBQ and Chilli.  We also offer a variety of different biltong options in our Taster Packs.

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