Sliced Original Biltong - Beef

Barefoot Biltong

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  • Barefoot Biltong UK
  • Barefoot Biltong UK
  • Barefoot Biltong UK

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Anyone familiar with Biltong can tell you that no two batches will ever be exactly the same. Just as recipes for this fantastic snack vary from person to person, the best ones are closely guarded secrets passed down through generations.

Our Biltong contains a blend of unique South African pre-mixed spices such as Crown National, Freddy Hirsch Spice that are imported directly from South Africa, available wet/medium or dry, this product is one of our best sellers. This is the Biltong in the UK you've always been looking for! 


How do you like your biltong? 

"Med/Wet" and ready to eat after 4-5 days in the dryer, this biltong is soft and tender. “Dry” is ready to eat after 5-6 days in the dryer, great for those who like it a little more chewy. To put it is simpler terms how do you like your steak in a restaurant? If you like medium to rare, then med/wet is the biltong for you, if you like your steak well done, then dry is the biltong for you.

Biltong in a Brown Paper bag is a fresh product with a 5 day shelf life & is subject to higher delivery charge with overnight delivery.

We do or very best to carry out your requests.  Please understand that it is not possible for us to be mind-readers, if you want your order any different (sliced differently) please leave us a note at the checkout and we will try and accommodate your request! 


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