Safari Taster Pack

Barefoot Biltong

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We have put together this special pack to help you make the transition into the world of biltong. Our taster packs are ideal for those new to Biltong and want to sample the different Barefoot Biltong products. It’s just enough to get those taste buds fired up and ready for your next order!

50g Beef Chilli Biltong (A Mix of Medium/Wet and Dry)
50g Beef Original Biltong (A Mix of Medium/ Wet and Dry)
50g Paleo Original Biltong (A Mix of Medium and Dry)
50g Paleo Chilli Biltong (A Mix of Medium and Dry)
50g Biltong Chilli Sticks
50g Original Sticks
50g Biltong Chilli Bites
50g Biltong BBQ Bites
50g Biltong Original Chips
50g Biltong Chilli Chips
50g Beef Droewors

50g Beef Droewors Chips/wheels

All individually packed.

If you have never eaten Biltong before - do yourself a favour and try some. It is a snack eaten and enjoyed throughout South Africa and millions of people can't be that wrong!

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